Training course at Sandhill Scientific Inc.2005
dr Donald O. Castell
DDW 2013
poster presentation
Olympus Medical Expert Training 2015
prof. Jarosław Reguła and prof. Michał F. Kamiński
Ethicon/J&J booth
AFS 2019 Inaugural Meeting
34th edition of the training course in Hawaii 2019 (Foundation for Research and Education in Esophageal and Foregut Disease)
dr Parakrama Chandrasoma
AFS 2019 Inaugural Meeting
dr Reginald C.W. Bell and dr Tom R. DeMeester
AFS 2023
dr Michael S. Smith, President-Elect (2025-2026), American Foregut Society
AFS 2023
dr John E. Pandolfino and dr Reginald C.W. Bell
American Foregut Society textbook
authors and competition winners (2023)
EFS Meeting 2-3 Nov 2023 Milan (Italy)
EFS Meeting 2-3 Nov 2023 Milan (Italy)
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